Biomass Woodchip Suppliers Hook Norton- Stour Energy

Stour Energy at Taylors’ Farm is now producing dried woodchips suitable for your biomass boilers. Available to buy direct and delivered to you free if you are within 10miles of our plant in Swalcliffe. (Link to map CLICK HERE)

The Supply chain

Our business is Woodsure Accredited and is an authorised Producer Trader on the DECC RHI Biomass Supplier List (BSL).

Softwood virgin timber woodchips are arriving weekly (link to weighbridge) purchased from an ethical managed forest and direct from a timber sawmill, normally in the form of softwood thinnings; the type of wood that has the lowest commercial value as it is too small to be made into building products. This material is either made into chip-board, or as in our case, wood chip boiler fuel.
Our suppliers are forestry contractors, landowners, forest managers and timber merchants. The number of suppliers is essential to ensure adequate supplies to our barn at all times and guaranteed supply of raw material.

The wood chips are then dried in our storehouse until it reaches the required moisture content. This drying process is achieved by pumping warm air through the floor of the storehouse (Link to image of floor of Storehouse).

The energy for this is from our on-site Anaerobic Digestion Unit (link to AD page), utilising the surplus methane gas to fire the burners and power the pumps that move the air under the floors to the woodchip piles. This sustainable way of powering the heaters and pumps is helping to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

We rotate the stock and decrease the drying times to about 3-4 days rather than the months it would normally take to season the woodchips by air drying only, this fast drying process means we can keep the supply chain constant for you, and available when you need it.

The quality of woodchip is at the heart of the business and we ensure that moisture and particle size is monitored at all stages and woodchip is only produced from virgin softwood.

Being fully compliant with Woodsure and Biomass Suppliers List regulations you can be assured that you are getting the right woodchips for your needs.

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